About Me

I am a certified personal trainer and I have been researching the benefits of weight loss nutrition for years. Many people do not realize just how important a diet and exercise plan can be when trying to lose weight. When you do not have the right tools to make this goal a reality, you run the risk of putting yourself at risk for health problems as well as setting you up for failure.

I started working with clients about six years ago and one of the things that I started doing was testing their metabolisms. I wanted to determine the strength of my clients’ ability to lose weight and build muscle and the metabolic rate testing allowed me to do just that. One of the advantages to using metabolic rate testing rather than just weighing a person has is that it gives you a more complete picture of your person’s ability to lose weight and to build muscle. I also found that testing my client’s allowed me to better communicate with my clients about the importance of including exercise in their weight loss plan.

The metabolic testing process is relatively painless and all you need is a strip of skin, a couple of saliva tests and some small lab tests. Once you have completed the test you can send it back to the lab for analysis. The results can come back in as little as five days depending on the test that you take. Sometimes the results are received within a day or two at the most. The results will provide you with specific information such as weight loss, fat percentage and muscle mass gain or loss and will give you an overall estimate of how well you are doing with your weight loss plan.

There are two different kinds of metabolic tests that you can take, a short-term test in which you get a measurement of your body’s metabolic rate and a long term test in which you assess your fat intake, carbohydrate intake and activity level. A short-term test will give you a good idea of how your body is reacting to high-intensity training and will likely give you mixed results. In a short term test, you will probably see a lot of weight loss and muscle gain but you might not lose any significant amount of fat. However, a long term test will show a significant loss of fat and a greater ability to burn fat so you can start to make some progress towards your weight loss goals.

This is a blog about fitness and nutrition because I’m a member of the Physical Fitness Institute in New York City. I use the testing and feedback I get from other members to keep me on track of what is working and what is not. I also use the information to write some articles that are focused on fitness and nutrition and send them out to my subscribers. If you are interested in signing up for the free newsletter I send out each month, then you will find all of my tested and proven fitness and nutrition tips in this free report. In the past year, I have made incredible improvements in my overall fitness and my overall weight loss. My cholesterol count has been reduced significantly, my blood pressure has been decreased and I feel more energetic than I did a year ago.

This is a blog about fitness and nutrition because I want to share with you the simple, healthy ways that I have used to achieve my weight loss goals and to maintain my weight once I have lost it. By eating correctly and doing the exercises I choose to do, I have managed to eliminate most of the food I am allergic to and I make sure that I stay away from any form of fad diet or useless fad exercise routine. By testing the methods I choose to use and communicating them with my friends and family, I am now enjoying the great benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.